Making your Appointment with the right therapist

What you need to know

How we match you with the right therapist

Tell us a bit about yourself, your issues and your availability for therapy. We know our therapists well and we’ll match you with the person who we think will work best with you

How do appointments work?

The first appointment or two are finding out sessions. Your therapist will be asking about you, your issues and your goals. You can ask about therapy and decide if this is right for you. 

Ongoing appointments are usually weekly on the same day and at the same time.

You can end therapy whenever you want – we ask for two weeks notice to round off the work.

An appointment is usually 50 minutes at the same day and time each week.

What you discuss with your therapist is confidential within the limits of current regulations.

Face to face or online video?

Most of our therapists provide face to face and video appointments. We think face to face is more effective, although we recognise that video appointments can offer you flexibility. Most of our therapists can combine the two.

Still have questions about therapy?


IndividualChild TeenCouplesFamily
Mon-Fri before 4pm£80£80£100£120
Mon-Fri from 4pm£90£90£120£120

Fees vary for insurance providers and some specialist services and treatments such as EMDR. Please check fees when booking.

If you want to use private health insurance please let us know early on so that we can make sure your therapist meets the conditions for your health insurance provider. You’ll need to meet any costs that your health insurance provider does not cover, e.g. any policy excess and charges for missed sessions.

If you're not ready to book an appointment right now, then please get in touch.

We'll be happy to answer your questions.

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How long does therapy take?

It depends on how long-standing the issue is. Typically people work for around 6 months with a therapist but it can be up to a year. You should hope to be seeing some improvements after 10-12 weeks.

Can I ask to see a specific therapist?

Yes you can. You’ll need to tell us a bit about yourself, your issue and your availability for appointments as not all therapists work with all issues and they don’t work all days and times.