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Is your family struggling?

Life can put a strain on family relationships. Individuals can feel disconnected, overwhelmed, frustrated and unheard. It can be hard to disentangle what is going wrong and work out how to help each other.

It’s also difficult to know where to start looking for family therapy. How do you know who to trust and who you’ll all feel comfortable with?

If you can tell us a little bit about yourselves, we’ll match you with one of our trusted team of experienced family therapists in Richmond who can usually start working with you straightaway.

How do our family therapists in Richmond help?

Your therapist won’t take sides. They’ll help everyone express their needs and feelings whilst helping family members stay calmer and less defensive.

There are often deep insecurities and fears running beneath everyday arguments or difficult behaviours. Your therapist will help you uncover what’s really going on and identify key unhelpful patterns of behaviour between family members. They’ll help you each discover your strengths and what builds confidence and trust in each other.

They help you listen to each other with understanding and insight. They show you how to respond less defensively or offer more effective support and stop the patterns of conflict or unhelpful behaviour repeating.

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It’s worth the effort

Family therapy can help you communicate better, support each other effectively and enjoy being with each other again.

At Re…root, we offer family counselling in Richmond and surrounding areas, such as Kingston, Teddington, Kew, Twickenham and Chiswick.

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