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If your child is struggling with something you want to be able to help them. It isn’t always easy as a parent or carer to know how to help, what to say or do. Sometimes being their parent or carer – with all the demands of that relationship – can get in the way of being able to help.

On top of this, how do you know who to trust to help your child through their difficulties? It can feel bewildering and stressful.

We can help you by learning about your child and their difficulties and matching them with one of our team of specialist child/teen therapists in Richmond.

How do our child & teen therapists in Richmond help?

They have creative ways of helping young children and teens express their feelings. It can sometimes be easier for your child to be honest with someone outside the situation.

They look at what is going on for your child/teen developmentally, what is happening with peers, what is happening inside the family and how your child/teen is making sense of this.

They help your child/teen learn how to manage their feelings better and feel more confident and resilient.

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It’s worth getting the right help.

Your child can get on with growing up developing their friendships and their understanding of themselves.

At Re…root, we offer Child/Teen counselling in Richmond and surrounding areas, such as Kingston, Teddington, Kew, Twickenham and Chiswick

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