Choosing online therapy 

In these difficult times when face to face work is not recommended, online therapy is a safe and effective alternative.

Our team of very well qualified and experienced therapists can provide the help you’re looking for, whether you need individual, couple, adolescent or family therapy. Whatever the difficulty is - from low mood to anxiety, to feeling isolated, stressed about work, or relationships at home or with those at a distance, and much more -   we’re very likely to have the right therapist for you and your situation. Our team is experienced in working effectively with clients online.

How does it work?

Once you make an enquiry, we’ll match you with a Re…root Associate Therapist and email you to offer you a first session. If you’d like to discuss your therapy needs before confirming that appointment and paying for the session in advance, you are welcome to phone in to find out more or tell us in more detail what you’re looking for.  At the end of the first session your therapist will ask you if you’d like to continue with regular (usually) weekly sessions online. You’re the one that decides if you want to continue.

When Coranavirus is over, can I continue with online therapy?

We know that people’s lives are busy and perhaps involve UK or international travel, so when the Coronavirus restrictions are over we’ll aim to give you the choice of moving to face to face sessions or online sessions. Some clients prefer to stay online because it fits with their lifestyle and schedules better, others like the sense of connection that face to face sessions give, and for some  a mix of online and face to face therapy might be possible.  When the time comes, you can discuss the options and timings with your therapist.

Make an enquiry


Or phone 020 948 5980 between 10am & 2pm to find out more.