Believe in yourself

Overcome feeling stuck

We find all kinds of ways to hold ourselves back without even realising it. Take an honest look at what gets in the way of change for you.


  • do you compare yourself with other people and feel less confident about yourself? Stop! Start to focus on your strengths, abilities and capacity for change instead.
  • not good at asking other people for help? If you feel overwhelmed and stressed with workloads at home or at work, it’s often because you’ve taken on too much on yourself. It’s ok to delegate or ask for help appropriately, you’re likely to be more productive and have time for yourself. Don’t assume it won’t work -try it.
  • rely on others to motivate you? You might wait a long time. Think of a goal that makes you feel good, excites you – it could be unrelated to work or study. Once you feel motivated it will have knock-on effects in the least expected areas.
  • no sense of life direction? Lots of people need a plan to start feeling confident about change. Start thinking about possibilities and setting goals.
  • bored by your job? Think about changing – it shows at work and at home when you don’t like your job and affects the people around you. Consider what really enthuses you in life and think about choosing another direction. You wouldn’t earn so much? Weigh up whether the money makes enough of a difference to keep you in a job that makes you unhappy. Your choice.

Start thinking things through and setting some goals today.

You, just better.

At Re…root, our purpose is simple. We want to match you with the right therapist so you can feel better and live better. We want you to know you’re not alone with your difficulties and you can do something to help yourself. You can feel happier, calmer and more in control of your life. You can make big changes with the right help – and we can provide it.

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