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We’ll match you with a welcoming experienced Re…root therapist who can work with your child (7+) or teenager (up to 18) individually, to help your your daughter or son feel better and cope with life’s challenges.

Build resilience from an early age

Is your child or teenager struggling?

Maybe your child (5+) or teenager is struggling at school and/or home? Very common issues include over-worrying, school stress, low self-esteem, angry outbursts, being bullied or coping with difficult family relationships. Perhaps they feel isolated, and don't think they fit in. We can help. We also offer support and practical ways to cope with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome or other developmental challenges.

What's going on inside

During these young years, children (5+) and teenagers need to feel secure and accepted by people close to them.  They are starting to develop their sense of themselves in the wider world, including how other people view them and how they might be treated.  If something goes wrong with any part of this process (due, say, to external circumstances or other factors) a child or teenager might struggle to manage overwhelming feelings as they face the challenges of growing up.

How we help

Your qualified, experienced therapist will find a way to help your child (5+) or teenager feel safe, find the way to understand, to manage and express their feelings appropriately. They'll develop trust that they can get their needs met and that they'll be supported in managing life’s changes and challenges.

Research shows us proven ways to help children get back on track 

What clients think about us

I wanted to thank you for all your work with him. He does seem to be coping with life better and is enjoying sport, school and home life (surprisingly well given that teenagehood is never an easy time).' J's mum

It has really helped me to change the aspects of myself that were dragging on my confidence. Thank you!' L (17)

Thank you for helping T feel better about himself - he's taking more responsibility and letting us into his life so we can support him. He's actually looking forward to sixth form college now!' T's mum

Getting started

Contact us by clicking on Request Appointment below and complete the form. Don't worry we don't share your details with any third parties. We'll get back to you as soon as we can to match your availability and therapy needs with one of the child/teenager therapists. We'll offer you an initial appointment as quickly as possible. 

Our child/teenager therapists work with youngsters between 7-18 years of age.

At the initial appointment your Re...root child/teenager therapist will give you an idea of what to expect. If it feels right, that's when you agree to ongoing work. Child/teenager therapy usually works best with a regular weekly session.

Clinic times & cost