Therapy for Individuals in Richmond

feel better

You can start to feel more positive and resilient - happier. We aim to help you find lasting ways to cope so you can

  • enjoy being with others
  • become more self-confident
  • feel hopeful again.

Some people can link their low mood or stress to a specific event for example the break-up of a relationship, a bereavement or redundancy. For others there’s no clear trigger.

You might have low mood or depression or you might be stressed or anxious if you recognise some of these symptoms:

  • loss of pleasure
  • you sleep more/less
  • not seeing people so much
  • negative thoughts
  • worrying more
  • thinking the worst will happen
  • panic attacks
  • irritable/angry outbursts.

Ticked a few? You’re not alone:

1 in 4 adults in the UK have a psychological wellbeing issue in any given year.

At Re…root you’ll talk in a confidential space with a skilled professional. Talking therapy can help you turn your life around in achievable steps - working together makes change possible.

Or try some wellbeing tips. They can help you decide whether talking with a professional is right for you now or self-help might be enough.

find direction

It's good to have aspirations and work towards them. You can find a better way forward to

  • stop feeling stuck
  • improve your relationships
  • stop life passing you by.

If you feel stuck you can also feel low in mood, bored with your family and friends, irritable and sleepless. Talking in a confidential space with a skilled professional can help give you the boost in self-confidence to recognise your strengths, shape your aspirations and find ways to live better.

Or maybe self-help is enough for you right now. Try these quick wellbeing tips.

fulfil potential

Start the journey of being the best you can be. It’s good to want more out of life – to be open to change and learning. We offer personal development coaching to men and women of all backgrounds and life stages. We believe you’re the best expert on you - we’ll help you find the answers yourself using empowering approaches.

You’ll understand yourself better – what inspires you, your strengths, aptitudes and skills and also what stands in your way. Importantly, the work depends on your willingness to address challenges. We’ll plan the transition with you, help you tackle obstacles and introduce change in achievable steps towards personal goals.

Common personal development issues include

Career development

  • break through the glass ceiling
  • beat career stuckness.

Finding personal fulfilment

Achieve a work-life balance

  • reduce stress and feel happier
  • find time for family.

Improving communication

  • be clear and gain understanding
  • be assertive and overcome bullying.

Or maybe self-help is enough for you right now. Try these quick wellbeing tips.