Marriage and Couple's Counselling in Richmond

relate better

Relationship therapy (couple counselling) helps you and your partner appreciate each other more, change your perspectives and be different together. You both interact to make the relationship how it is, you can both contribute to making it better.

Working together in relationship therapy can help you

  • energise a relationship that feels stuck
  • understand yourself and each other better
  • recognise unhelpful patterns of behaviour
  • introduce a better way of being together for you (& your family).

The aim of therapy is to strengthen a relationship to cope with difficulties - not to achieve one that's 'perfect'. Where one partner is set on leaving, relationship therapy can help you separate with dignity.

improve understanding

Helping you understand yourself and your partner better is one of the key ingredients of how we work. We adapt to each couple’s needs and the issues they bring.

Firstly we’ll assess the situation with you and try to find ways to help you both. Secondly we’ll help you understand your own relationship needs and those of your partner. Finally your therapist will work to enable you to find new understanding for each other so you can cope better and feel better together.

In essence we aim to help you understand yourself and your partner better so you can both

  • de-escalate tensions and negative feelings
  • express your needs and feelings
  • gain mutual insight
  • accept each other’s individuality
  • manage issues better together.

communicate better

Your relationship therapist can help you talk honestly so that both of you can express what you don’t like, what you would like and what changes in behaviour would help.

You’ll learn how to

  • talk about the future not the past
  • change criticism to requests
  • ask instead of assume.

When couples begin to feel unhappy or bored it can lead to low mood, anxiety, mistrust, low libido, low self-esteem, anger, resentment, irritability, sleeplessness.

Make an appointment to talk confidentially with a skilled professional. Your therapist won’t take sides and will help you both talk about difficult issues in a safe space.

Talking therapy can help you strengthen a relationship, leave a relationship or provide support for future relationships.