Therapy for Young Adults in Richmond & West London

feel happier about yourself with therapy for young people

Talking to an experienced therapist you’ll learn how to

  • find who you want to be
  • express yourself honestly
  • value yourself

Sometimes it’s hard to find out who you are and what you want to be. It’s common for young people to feel they need to live up to someone else’s expectations, feel judged by others, feel different or lack self-confidence. The likelihood is that you’ll feel happier if you learn to express what you think and feel and what you want, and have an influence on what affects you.

If you’re not sure what you want, it’s good to talk through possibilities and find out how to have an effective voice. You can learn how to say what’s important to you in ways that other people will take seriously. When you believe you have an impact on decisions, you can start to be the real you and push away ideas that you need to please others or worry about what others think.

Maybe self-help might be enough for you right now. Try these wellbeing tips.

cope better with life stresses through young people therapy

Talking in a confidential space with your therapist can help you develop skills to cope with life stresses so that you feel more confident and more in control of your future:

  • find new ways to cope with stress
  • start to understand stress/anxiety triggers
  • de-stress
  • relate better to people.

You can feel less stressed and it might be easier to start feeling better than you think. It is possible to relieve all kinds of pressures including exam stress, money or job worries. Relationship difficulties often cause worry and with a little help, you can improve how you relate to parents, girlfriend/boyfriend, partner, boss or friends and family. Talking with a professional therapist can help.


Self-help might be enough for you right now.  Try these quick wellbeing tips.

We offer counsellors for young people in our Richmond office, but also for the following areas in West London:

Twickenham | Kew | Chiswick | Kingston | Teddington