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I believe that through becoming more aware of what is going on inside, in our minds and bodies, and cultivating an attitude of compassion for ourselves, we can find a way through unhappiness to greater wellbeing, satisfaction, and enjoyment of life.

Ben Dustin

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Ben provides a safe and supportive space so that you’ll feel heard, understood and secure enough to explore and express your feelings in confidence and without judgement. He has significant experience having worked with national therapy agencies and draws on this knowhow to support each client. With Ben you can work towards achieving a sense of better wellbeing, happiness and confidence. He works collaboratively, adapting to your individual needs and personality to help you clarify what you want from therapy and possibly life, and then how to work together towards that aim.

Ben has a training which enables him to explore feelings, thoughts, behaviours, and relationship patterns in a way similar to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). He can also help with other issues or difficulties you may be experiencing including making sense of your past or difficult or painful experiences, and finding meaning and direction in your life. Ben also has a strong interest in mindfulness and compassion which he places at the centre of his work. Whether you feel anxious, low in mood, stuck in unhelpful patterns of thoughts or actions, or relationships at home or at work are difficult, Ben may be the right therapist to support you.

MSc TA (Transactional Analysis) Psychotherapy, Certified Transactional Analyst, UKCP reg.

Our Values

Our aim is to support you to feel better and live better. We’ll help you by using the best psychological knowhow to offer the best therapy we can.

We’re committed to running a professional, ethical organisation.

All together this means that from the first point of contact onwards we’ll work with you respectfully with warm understanding and in an environment which is relaxing and safe. Confidentiality is very important to us too. You can rest assured that your therapist is experienced, extremely well qualified and is a member of a top UK authorising organisation/professional body.

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