Sue and Adam’s story

A couple sitting on a sofa

Sue (42) contacted Re…root wanting ‘marriage guidance’ therapy. She said both she and Adam (44) felt their relationship was in trouble. They weren’t talking much and hardly ever made love. The children (Josh 8 and Ellie 6) had started to play up too. The Re…root couple therapist held a session with Sue and Adam together […]

Pete’s story

A family walking in a field

When Pete (41) spoke with a Re…root personal development coach he was stressed. He was seen as a high-flyer in the city and said his company expected him to achieve great things. Talking to his coach two critical points came to the surface: Pete was reluctant to voice dissatisfaction and he made assumptions that others […]

Ella’s Story

A woman looking pensive

Ella (32) phoned Re…root because she felt stuck in her accountancy job. She’d been in the same job for 7 years. Ella explained to her personal development coach that she’d been overlooked for promotion and had been told by managers that she needed to develop her management techniques. Ella wanted a better future: she was […]

Rob’s Story

A man looking out a window with a worried expression

Rob (28) contacted Re…root because his anger was driving people away. In the first appointment Rob met a therapist who made Rob feel at ease. She gained an overview of his history and what was troubling him. She matched Rob with a Re…root therapist who had lots of experience and knew how to work with […]

Mina’s Story

A woman lying in grass

When Mina (42) contacted Re…root she wasn’t sure what was wrong, she just knew she’d been tearful for a while, her sleep was poor and she was becoming increasingly irritable with her partner. She explained this in her initial Re…root appointment and felt comfortable about going ahead. Very soon she was attending regular weekly sessions […]

Jay’s story

A man walking up some stairs

Jay (37) contacted Re…root feeling stuck in a job as a corporate lawyer. He attended an appointment with a therapist for a ‘finding out’ session and Jay was matched with an experienced Re…root therapist with the right approach and experience within a week. Jay told his therapist he’d been passed over for promotion and was […]