Don’t put people in boxes

A dove in a hole

It will help you all get on together It’s common in groups and particularly in families for adults and children to fall into roles that become increasingly stuck. For example one parent or carer might be seen as the disciplinarian and the other the soft one; one child might be viewed as the clever one and another, the one that gets […]

Communicate better in families & groups

Some stones arranged to look like a family

Know the impact of your non-verbal and verbal communication on each other What people say generally accounts for 20-50% of what we communicate, the rest is down to body language. When family relationships are going through difficulties family members tend to talk less so it’s really important to be more aware of how you communicate […]

Believe in yourself

A road with a message saying "You can do it!" drawn on it

Overcome feeling stuck We find all kinds of ways to hold ourselves back without even realising it. Take an honest look at what gets in the way of change for you.   do you compare yourself with other people and feel less confident about yourself? Stop! Start to focus on your strengths, abilities and capacity for […]

Choose people who are good for you

A group of people sitting on a wall

Being with some people makes us feel better. Being with others can make us feel worse. The exercise helps you assess a relationship you’re not sure about and suggests an assertiveness technique you can use to help improve the relationship.   If you think a friend, partner/girl/boyfriend is making you feel low in mood when […]

Body language- to improve partner relationships

A man taking orders in a cafe

What people say generally accounts for 20-50% of what we communicate, the rest is down to body language. When a relationship is going through difficulties couples tend to talk less so it’s really important to be more aware of how you communicate non-verbally and to try to keep talking honestly. facial expression -not smiling can strongly […]

Hear and be heard

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This exercise helps when you’re negotiating for something or when someone wants you to change what you do. You can start practising straight away to improve your skills. It’s often useful in work situations.   First of all think what makes you feel annoyed/ upset/ stop listening when you’re in conversation with another person. Then […]

Diet and your mental health

A photo of different fruits and vegetables

Improving your diet can help your mental health The food-mood connection has been a focus of research for years. It’s well known that omega 3 and a Mediterranean style diet full of fresh vegetables can boost a sense of physical wellbeing, but there’s a lot of recent research that shows certain foodstuffs can help mental […]

Understand personal change

Someone doing yoga on a ridge overlooking a lake

It’s a process, it helps to know what the journey might be like. This wellbeing tip strengthens your awareness. It simply helps you anticipate the ups and downs of change. If you experience a low point you’re not alone. Personal change is about introducing manageable steps towards a desired goal. Change can be uncomfortable and […]

Fit for happiness

A shot of people walking

It’s good for your mind as well as your body   When we feel low in mood it’s very easy to use our down-time to do nothing. Sometimes we comfort-eat to pass the time and usually that only makes us feel worse. We all know that exercise is good for us physically but that may […]

Get things done

Someone pushing a dial on a dashboard

You can beat procrastination   Do you put off jobs delay decisions waste time allocated for work ? Here’s some useful stuff to help you break the habit.   What comes first motivating yourself to make a start or making a start to motivate yourself? Increasingly researchers find that the most motivating thing you can do is make a […]