Depression can feel awful – it usually includes symptoms like these

  • can’t be bothered to do things that used to make you feel happy
  • sleeping too much or even the opposite but – whichever - finding it so difficult to motivate yourself to get up (what’s the point, right?)
  • comfort eating or actually not really wanting to eat
  • cutting yourself off from family and friends
  • thinking really negative things about yourself and about other people too, in fact, recently you might even find them very irritating.

There’s a rational part of you that knows you’re not doing yourself any favours, but it doesn’t take away that leaden weight or make you feel any better.

You’re not alone. 1 in 4 adults in the UK have a psychological wellbeing issue in any given year.

Depression AKA black dog

Have a look at this brilliant animation – the best ever description of depression, with a point.

You probably want life to be like this instead

  • feeling there is a point in getting up and joining in - being part of things
  • starting to believe in yourself
  • getting some energy back
  • being hopeful about the future.

To put it simply – to feel better and live better.

So - how can you help yourself feel better? Have a look at our wellbeing tips - the tips fit for happiness, sleep better, lift your mood and choose good people are excellent places to start. Talking therapy is another way to help yourself if self-help is not enough. How does it work ? - read on.

How talking therapy helps

For many people it’s easier to be honest about yourself and your feelings with someone who’s outside the situation and who won’t judge, in fact someone you can really begin to trust. Your therapist will

  • understand what you’re facing
  • offer you coping strategies that help you beat the symptoms
  • improve how you think and feel about challenges in your life
  • change unhelpful patterns you might have adopted, maybe how you relate to others or how you deal with triggers for low mood
  • help you make positive choices for the future.

Talking therapy can help you turn your life around - you're one step away from getting help to feel happier.