Panic attacks

You can beat them

A panic attack is frightening – there’s no doubt about it. Symptoms often include

  • physical symptoms (eg heart palpitations, quick shallow breathing, chest tightness, sweating)
  • thinking you’re in danger or something awful will happen
  • thoughts urging you to get out of a place/situation
  • believing a situation is out of your control

You’re not alone. 1 in 4 adults in the UK have a psychological wellbeing issue in any given year. Life would be better if you could

  • learn to recognise the early onset of symptoms and take preventative action
  • change the thoughts and beliefs that lead to panic
  • cope positively instead of avoiding trigger situations
  • learn to believe in yourself

You can find lots of ways to help yourself. Our wellbeing tips are a good place to start, you can identify ways to feel better – have a look at beat panic and lift your mood. If self-help’s not enough, talking therapy is an option.

How talking therapy can help you beat panic

For many people it’s easier to be honest about yourself and your feelings with someone who’s outside the situation and won’t judge. Your therapist will help you understand how your thoughts, feelings and what you do all affect each other and how you can make these more positive. Your therapist will

  • understand your particular experience of panic
  • offer you coping strategies that help you beat the physical symptoms and relax
  • help you change unhelpful beliefs about yourself and trigger situations
  • help you influence your life more positively.

Talking therapy can help you turn your life around – you’re one step away from getting help to beat panic.

You, just better.

At Re…root, our purpose is simple. We want to match you with the right therapist so you can feel better and live better. We want you to know you’re not alone with your difficulties and you can do something to help yourself. You can feel happier, calmer and more in control of your life. You can make big changes with the right help – and we can provide it.

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