Diet and your mental health

A photo of different fruits and vegetables

Improving your diet can help your mental health The food-mood connection has been a focus of research for years. It’s well known that omega 3 and a Mediterranean style diet full of fresh vegetables can boost a sense of physical wellbeing, but there’s a lot of recent research that shows certain foodstuffs can help mental […]

Understand personal change

Someone doing yoga on a ridge overlooking a lake

It’s a process, it helps to know what the journey might be like. This wellbeing tip strengthens your awareness. It simply helps you anticipate the ups and downs of change. If you experience a low point you’re not alone. Personal change is about introducing manageable steps towards a desired goal. Change can be uncomfortable and […]

Fit for happiness

A shot of people walking

It’s good for your mind as well as your body   When we feel low in mood it’s very easy to use our down-time to do nothing. Sometimes we comfort-eat to pass the time and usually that only makes us feel worse. We all know that exercise is good for us physically but that may […]

Get things done

Someone pushing a dial on a dashboard

You can beat procrastination   Do you put off jobs delay decisions waste time allocated for work ? Here’s some useful stuff to help you break the habit.   What comes first motivating yourself to make a start or making a start to motivate yourself? Increasingly researchers find that the most motivating thing you can do is make a […]

Balance your life

A Ferris wheel

…and feel better   When we feel stuck we often can’t see the wood for the trees. This exercise can help you find clarity so you can prioritise where to introduce step-by-step change. When we make changes in just one area of our life there are often unexpected benefits elsewhere. Find out if your life […]

Beat panic

Two divers

Feel in control again Beat panic We know that a panic attack is very scary. It can feel like you’re losing control or something awful is going to happen. Shallow quick breathing, sweating, pounding heart, dizziness, feelings of unreality, nausea and chest pain are common symptoms. Something has triggered your fight/flight response releasing surges of […]

Sleep better

Someone sleeping in a bed with a clock next to them

Recent research shows that fewer than 40% of adults in the UK get the recommended 7-8 hours sleep at night. Good quality, unbroken sleep is important because lack of sleep has been linked to irritability, low mood and reduced ability to focus during the day. In other words poor sleep undermines our functioning. If you […]

Lift your mood

A woman throwing open curtains to the morning sun

A mood diary helps you monitor and track your feelings. Quite soon you’ll be able to spot patterns because you’re scoring how you feel and linking it to what you do. You’ll become aware of what makes you feel happier and what doesn’t. For instance when your scores indicate a downturn in mood you can […]

Be honest with yourself

A baby looking at himself in a mirror

It’s the first step towards change for the better You do have the potential to change and feel better. One starting point for change is to take a good look at how you think and feel about yourself and what you do – sometimes we get into unhelpful patterns which keep us stuck: Find yourself […]