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Constant worry is exhausting. Anxiety symptoms often include feeling on edge or fearful eg about your job, money, studies, health, relationships being unable to focus on getting things done experiencing disrupted sleep and feeling irritable physical symptoms (heart palpitations, quick shallow breathing, headaches, appetite changes) You’re not alone. 1 in 4 adults in the UK have […]

Couple issues

A couple having a conversation

Be better together Nearly all relationships go through difficult phases – it can feel awful. Right now you might find it hard to talk to each other without arguing trust one another make love as much as you used to have fun together You’d be better together if you could for example turn resentment into […]

Panic attacks

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You can beat them A panic attack is frightening – there’s no doubt about it. Symptoms often include physical symptoms (eg heart palpitations, quick shallow breathing, chest tightness, sweating) thinking you’re in danger or something awful will happen thoughts urging you to get out of a place/situation believing a situation is out of your control […]


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What it’s like Depression can feel awful – it usually includes symptoms like these can’t be bothered to do things that used to make you feel happy sleeping too much or even the opposite but – whichever – finding it so difficult to motivate yourself to get up (what’s the point, right?) comfort eating or […]