We’ve put together these free resources for you. Your part? Simply invest time in yourself by trying out some wellbeing tips and dipping into the other helpful things.


helping you help yourself

It’s important to look after yourself so you can function better and feel happier - people around you may pick up on the changes too.

The wellbeing tips include ideas for feeling better in your body. This is because there’s a strong link between mind and body – when you feel better physically you’re likely to function and feel better psychologically.

'We wouldn’t think twice about taking the car to the garage if it didn’t feel right, yet we expect ourselves to go on and on with hardly any caring input.'

Getting started

Visualise your future without making any changes, what does it look like?

Generally OK? If you think you know where you want to be but simply need a bit more impetus to start introducing change, then maybe the wellbeing tips will be enough.

If self-help doesn’t seem like enough, contact us to make an appointment.


You're not alone

how people found a better way

What sort of people come to Re…root for support? They’re just like you and me - with worries, doubts and difficulties and they still function day to day. Privately, though, they might be going through a rough patch or have felt that things haven’t been right for a while now.

When you read the stories you’ll see the kinds of ways we work and what the process is like. You’ll get an idea of how people change with talking therapy. And if you think what’s troubling you needs more help than the stories suggest, we offer that too – talk to us.

The stories are based on real people with names and some details altered so individuals can’t be identified.

And remember 1 in 4 adults in the UK have a psychological wellbeing issue in any given year. Think about that when you’re walking down the street.

People's Stories - Individual Adults

People's Stories - Couples


find out what's troubling you

is there a black dog in your life?

Whether you’re finding out for yourself or someone close to you read on. It’s very common for people’s thoughts, feelings and coping choices to reduce their enjoyment of life.

‘How we feel in our mind is just as important as our physical wellbeing – we just can’t see what’s wrong.’

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